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FINO Leatherware Leather Disinfectant

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About the Product 

Introducing a unique and one of a kind product that we need right now!

  • FINO Leatherware Leather Disinfectant disinfects and shields your leather bags and shoes from viruses and bacteria. May also be used for other materials like canvas or plastic type of bags and shoes. It also helps clear grease and oil without the strong scent of your regular alcohol.
  • It is alcohol-free, water-based non-toxic, non-bleach, and non-corrosive. It includes active ingredient, Quaternary ammonium compound, a WHO listed and recommended ingredient to fight COVID19.  

DIRECTION : Spray directly on your leather piece, leave for 10 - 20 seconds to disinfect. Air out and wipe off excess.

Shelf Life : 3 Years